Name Title Department
Mindy Benson RIC 1 Member Tama County EMA
Rob Bowers RIC 1 Member Iowa State University
Rhonda Braudis Communications Manager Marshall County Communications
Nic Briseno RIC 1 Member Story County
Brad Button Communications Section Administrator Des Moines Police Department
Dan Case RIC 1 Member Dallas Fire Service
Rob Dehnert RIC 1 Chair Westcom, Assistant Chief-Logistics
Andy Godzicki RIC 1 Member Boone County
Dylan Hagen Emergency Management Coordinator Webster County Emergency Management
Jason Hoffman RIC 1 Vice Chair Carroll Communications Center, Communications Supervisor & 911 Coordinator
Doug Houghton RIC 1 Member City of Ames
Dave Lockard Mobile Data Systems Admin Des Moines Police Department
Brent Long RIC 1 Member Polk County
Chris Maiers SWIC ISICSB
Doug McCasland RIC 1 Member Warren County
Terry McClannahan Communications Director Dallas County Sheriff's Office
Crystal McIntyre Board of Supervisors Warren County
Dina McKenna RIC 1 Member Story County
Keith Morgan RIC 1 Member Story County
Dave Morlan RIC 1 Member Boone County
David Ness ISICSB Chair - Captain Des Moines Police Department
Tom Reis Iowa RACES Officer RACES
James Stubbs RIC 1 Member / Sheriff Webster County Sheriff's Department
Ronald Vought RIC 1 Member Webster County Public Health

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