User Group Committee

The User Group Committee, comprised of authorized users, coordinates access and usage policies for use of or interfacing with the ISICS platform and public safety broadband systems.
Name Title Department
Brian Blodgett RIC 2 Chair Buffalo Center Fire Department, Chief
Andy Buffington (temp pic) Andy Buffington User Group Committee Chair Winnebago/Hancock County Emergency Mgmt Coordinator
Brian Carsten Police Chief Princeton Police Department
Rob Dehnert RIC 1 Chair Westcom, Assistant Chief-Logistics
Jason Hoffman RIC 1 Vice Chair Carroll Communications Center, Communications Supervisor & 911 Coordinator
Larry Hurst RIC 4 Chair Mills County EMA
Mike Jensen RIC 4 Vice Chair Shelby County 911 Center, Asst Communications Supervisor
Chris Maiers SWIC ISICSB
Crystal McIntyre Board of Supervisors Warren County
Jim Mitchell RIC 5 Vice Chair Knoxville Fire Department, Fire Chief
Shawn Olson RIC 3 Vice Chair Plymouth County, IT Specialist
Tom Reis Iowa RACES Officer RACES
Joel Rohne RIC 2 Vice Chair Worth County, IT/GIS Director
Glenn Sedivy RIC 3 Chair Woodbury, Communications Director
Larry G. Smith Coordinator Keokuk County Emergency Management

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