February 2020 FirstNet Newsletter

FirstNet Newsletter

February 2020

Connecting towing and first responders

Apollo Towing Service in Corpus Christi, TX, needed more reliable communications with the local and regional first responders it supports. Watch to see how FirstNet has helped Apollo support public safety and serve the community.

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"FirstNet allows us to have virtually seamless communication"

By Michael Staff, Apollo Towing

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast in 2017, it knocked out everything – the repeating towers, the electricity. We couldn't communicate. So, we had to double-down on our manpower and send our drivers out in twos or threes.

The devastation just north of Corpus Christi was beyond description. We'd send our drivers out at 7 in the morning and ask them report back at noon. But if they didn't report back by noon, we'd have to go look for them. As a manager of a company employing 30-plus people and responsible for their safety – not having direct and clear communication was a serious concern. And it's certainly not a good thing for anyone working closely with public safety.That led to us to go out and look at what was available. And that's why we're on FirstNet.

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Helping public safety in Miami ahead of the Big Game

While all eyes were on pro football's big championship game in Miami earlier this month, members of the FirstNet team huddled with public safety agencies in Miami emergency operation centers to get ready. Their single focus: Helping to ensure first responders stay connected. "We're honored to serve beside public safety every day," said Jason Porter, Senior Vice President – FirstNet Program at AT&T.

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First responders can now go directly to firstnet.com to apply for service and order devices for their individual lines of service through a simplified process. AT&T customers can also go online to transfer their AT&T wireless number to a FirstNet account. Just activate a FirstNet ID, log in, and begin shopping. Start the process today!

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Network Status Map enhancements for increased situational awareness

In February, four new layers will be added to our Network Status Map to provide agencies increased situational awareness in the context of the FirstNet Network. Find out how these changes will increase efficiency for you.

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FirstNet leader-led Training available

To help you use and manage features of FirstNet Local Control, leader led training is currently available. These courses are intended for FirstNet administrators, operations and Uplift managers and are available at no additional charge. Instructor-led courses help you learn to manage your administrative needs for FirstNet wireless services. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the instructor in real‑time.

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