January 2020 FirstNet Newsletter

January 2020

Technology Helping Protect Firefighters

Reliable connectivity can help protect firefighters when they're responding to a call. Watch to learn how Leon Valley Fire Department uses FirstNet to monitor the safety of its firefighters.

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"For us, FirstNet has worked the first time, every time."

By Michael Naughton, City of Leon Valey Fire Chief

When new technology comes out, people promise a lot of things. For example, they'll say your new radios will solve all your problems. Or this new technology is going to take care of everything. In Leon Valley, our fire department of about 30 career members is responsible for all hazard response in the city and surrounding area.  That's fire, EMS - anything you call for.  We need to be able to talk to our own personnel, as well as personnel from other cities.  FirstNet gives us the coverage we need, everywhere we go.

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Network expansion continues with new cell site builds

First responders in Yamhill and Washington counties in Oregon are getting a major boost in their wireless communications with the launch of a FirstNet cell site. The sites are part of the ongoing FirstNet network expansion, bringing you enhanced coverage, capacity and capability. Check out other recent cell site launches.

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FirstNet leader-led Training available

To help you use and manage features of FirstNet Local Control, leader led training is currently available. These courses are intended for FirstNet administrators, operations and Uplift managers and are available at no additional charge. Instructor-led courses help you learn to manage your administrative needs for FirstNet wireless services. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the instructor in real‑time.

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