March 2020 FirstNet Newsletter

FirstNet Newsletter

March 2020

COVID-19 emergency response

Public Safety's Network supports COVID-19 emergency response

For over a month, police, fire, EMS, public health, emergency management and military personnel have been working around the clock to assess and mitigate the COVID-19 spread nationwide. And they need reliable communication to effectively coordinate their emergency response. FirstNet is proud to be by their side, deploying assets, optimizing the network or providing FirstNet Ready™ devices to support quarantine zones, airports, EOCs and other public safety centers.​

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Oglala Sioux Tribe  

Enhancing communication for Oglala Sioux Tribe

The 52 officers in the Oglala Sioux Tribe's Department of Public Safety cover 3,500 square miles of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In this expanse, an officer's back-up can be almost an hour away at times. Hear how FirstNet has made these first responders safer as they patrol this rural part of the country.​

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Robert Ecoffey

"FirstNet is critical in life-safety issues in Indian Country"

By Robert Ecoffey, Chief of Police, Department of Public Safety - Oglala Sioux Tribe

One of the challenges we had as a department was improving communication – especially when it came to officer safety and safety of the public. So we looked at various ways we could enhance our ability to communicate across the reservation.  We were the first law enforcement agency in Indian Country to sign up for FirstNet. And it's been a vast improvement for us.

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Nationwide LTE Coverage

Nationwide LTE Coverage surpasses 2.61 million square miles to support FirstNet

Now covering more than 2.61 million square miles of the nation, we are aggressively expanding the LTE coverage area for the FirstNet public safety communications platform. This means more first responders and the communities they serve – rural, urban and tribal – are gaining access to the critical communications capabilities they need.​

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IACP Officer

FirstNet makes long-term commitment to the IACP Officer Safety and Wellness initiative

FirstNet, Built with AT&T, is making a commitment to support the health and wellness of law enforcement officers. FirstNet builder AT&T has collaborated with and supported the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for more than 12 years. This year, through FirstNet, it​ built on that alliance and support by teaming up with the IACP for the 2020 Officer Safety & Wellness Symposium in Miami. Officer safety and wellness goes beyond the typical aspects, such as ballistic vests, body cameras, and weapons.

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Network status map

Network Status Map enhancements for increased situational awareness

In February, four new layers will be added to our Network Status Map to provide agencies increased situational awareness in the context of the FirstNet Network. Find out how these changes will increase efficiency for you​.

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