Important Announcements

*** The April 2021 ISICSB Newsletter is now available ***   MORE INFO

2020-04-12 *** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***   ISICS Standardized Interoperability Guide Card now available  MORE INFO

2020-04-07 *** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***   We would like to invite all personnel using the ISICS radio system to update your contact information by following the link listed below.  This will help improve our communication with users when a system issue or maintenance arises in your affected area.  Click on the following link:

*** The March 2021 FirstNet Newsletter is now available *** MORE INFO

*** Mobile Broadband Deployable Interference Prevention Policy is posted for 60-day public comment until April 12, 2021 ***  MORE INFO

2020-02-10   *** IMPORTANT *** Announcement for all current and future FirstNet Users and those with questions regarding FirstNet    MORE INFO

2020-01-09 *** ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW *** About the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS)   LEARN MORE ABOUT ISICS


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