February 2021 FirstNet Newsletter

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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February 2021

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Reliable connections for Ironton Police during opiod crisis

The Ironton Police Department in Ironton, Ohio, is a small agency that needed reliable communications – especially during the ongoing drug crisis. See how FirstNet is helping officers stay connected.

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Image of the Chief of Police from Ironton, Ohio, Pamela Wagner

Helping Ironton Police keep officers, community safe, battle opioid crisis

By Pamela Wagner, Chief of Police, Ironton, Ohio

Ironton is bordered on one side by the Ohio River; by county property to our east; the Village of Coal Grove to our south; and the Village of Hanging Rock to our north. We have great people who live here. Sports is a very big thing here. And Wayne National Forest is about ten minutes from us. We also have an opioid epidemic that has skyrocketed in the last several years. With just 15 sworn officers, we need to have reliable communication. That's why we got on FirstNet.

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FirstNet expands, now covers over 2.71 million square miles

FirstNet®, America's public safety network, now covers more than 2.71 million square miles. As public safety's network partner, AT&T* has moved quickly to bring more coverage, boost capacity and drive new capabilities for first responders and the communities they serve – rural, urban and tribal.

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Image of police officer looking at his mobile phone

Your network, on your personal device

Officers at two Ohio police agencies subscribe to FirstNet on their personal devices. Hear why.

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Addressing school safety needs with FirstNet-approved applications

As attendance in our nation's public schools starts to rebound, demands for school safety are gaining traction. FirstNet® and multiple pre-evaluated solutions in the FirstNet App Catalog now provide a cost-effective means for school districts, local governments, public safety agencies, and law enforcement to comply with safety recommendations.

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The Importance of the chief's health

By Dr. Anna Courie, Director, Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at AT&T

Leadership can take a toll. And while public safety is stressful, leadership in public safety can be exponentially more so. Stress is a silent killer. Sure, it can be good to a certain degree. It heightens awareness. It focuses our attention so we can achieve specific goals. But this message can be misleading for professions that are chronically stressful. And we need to rethink this, especially in leadership.

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First Responders - Connect your way and save

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Agency Admins - Get your team the gear they need

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Creating your FirstNet Profile gives you access to so much more

Setting up your FirstNet® device is easy – juice it up, put in your FirstNet SIM, and start your shift. But, you may not realize you and your agency administrator should also create a FirstNet Profile for every new user. This profile, and associated FirstNet credentials, are what give you access to the many special features that come with your FirstNet service.

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Webinars to provide insight into FirstNet Verified, Certified apps

You've heard us say that first responders are using FirstNet Verified and Certified™ Apps to address emergent needs. This year you'll get to see it for yourself in informative webinars.

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Becoming Cybersecurity Aware

Learn how to become cyber savvy to combat hackers and leaks with FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware. In-depth cybersecurity training videos customized for FirstNet users and delivered by security analysts to help teach first responders security lessons such as: Why public safety agencies are a target; how to identify a phishing email; how to avoid malware; and much more.

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Agency Admins, get the training on digital tools you need

Learn how to manage your products and services with free courses that show you how to navigate the tools you need, including Uplift and FirstNet Central. Register today for our instructor-led training courses available to you and your colleagues.

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