March 2021 FirstNet Newsletter

Monday, March 29, 2021

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March 2021

Police Officer delivering presentation

Connecting First Responders in Eagle County, Colorado

When public safety agencies in Eagle County, Colorado, tested Band 14 during a 2015 ski competition, communications went so smoothly that when FirstNet was launched several years later, they immediately signed up. Hear about their experiences.

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Chief of Police, Vail, Colorado Dwight Henninger

Band 14 test set the stage for Vail and Eagle County, Colorado, to join FirstNet

By Dwight Henninger, Chief of Police, Vail, Colorado

We had an opportunity to test Band Class 14 when we hosted the World Alpine Ski Championships here in Vail and Beaver Creek in 2015. So, when we had the chance to get on FirstNet – which has exclusive access to the Band 14 spectrum – we jumped on it.

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Fireman looking at smart device

Smart technology for the fire service

State of the art technology through a single point of service is one reason why Gypsum Fire Protection District is on FirstNet. Hear from Chief Justin Kirkland about his hopes for the future of FirstNet.

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Person filling out COVID-19 vaccine registration form

FirstNet is supporting vaccine distribution efforts across U.S.

Public safety agencies, local and state governments, and healthcare organizations using FirstNet are helping to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine efficiently and effectively. And FirstNet is providing a common, interoperable platform to easily communicate across agencies, jurisdictions and state lines.

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Image of Fire Response virtual experience

Take the FirstNet Virtual tour

Take a "walk" through the FirstNet virtual experience, a 3D world you can navigate at your own pace, 24/7. See how FirstNet helps first responders and those who support them in the aftermath of a hurricane, a pandemic, and a hazardous fire situation. Plus, see how the Emergency Operations Center brings everyone together.

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FirstNet App Solutions for COVID Image

Webinar focus: Battling COVID-19 with FirstNet Verified™, Certified apps

Public safety agencies are adopting innovative solutions to mobilize their people and modernize their systems. That's where FirstNet® and the purpose-built FirstNet Verified™ and FirstNet Certified™ apps come in.

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Image of female responder speaking with her rescue team

How women first responders manage stressors of work, family and career

By Dr. Anna Courie, Director, Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at AT&T

All first responders experience a mental burden from the work they do in public safety. But there is a special burden on women public safety servants. See how women first responders are juggling work, career, family, and now COVID.

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First Responders - Connect your way and save

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Agency Admins - Get your team the gear they need

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User management update

We implemented changes to the FirstNet user activation process March 24, 2020, to improve the FirstNet Central Identity and Credentialing Access Management (ICAM) experience. Now, new registrations will be more secure and faster than before.

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Creating your FirstNet Profile gives you access to so much more

Setting up your FirstNet® device is easy – juice it up, put in your FirstNet SIM, and start your shift. But, you may not realize you and your agency administrator should also create a FirstNet Profile for every new user. This profile, and associated FirstNet credentials, are what give you access to the many special features that come with your FirstNet service.

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FirstNet Messaging - Your new dedicated messaging service

You no longer need to use commercial texting services for emergency communications. Starting April 1, 2021, FirstNet® customers have access to a new and exclusive messaging app dedicated to public safety. And it gets better. You can get this advanced messaging at no cost for first responders and only $3 per month for those who offer them critical support.

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Becoming Cybersecurity Aware

Learn how to become cyber savvy to combat hackers and leaks with FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware. In-depth cybersecurity training videos customized for FirstNet users and delivered by security analysts to help teach first responders such security lessons as: Why public safety agencies are a target; how to identify a phishing email; how to avoid malware; and much more.

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Agency Admins, get the training on digital tools you need

Learn how to manage your products and services with free courses that show you how to navigate the tools you need, including Uplift and FirstNet Central. Register today for our instructor-led training courses available to you and your colleagues.

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